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Entertainment. Argenta is no stranger to entertainment. As the home of the magnificent Verizon Arena, great concerts and events are literally just around the corner. Check out Verizon Arena concerts.


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Art. Downtown is the home of a thriving Argenta Arts District. From galleries to monthly art walks, don't miss our colorful array of attractions. Check out Argenta's art scene.


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Cruise. Situated right on the Arkansas River, Argenta even offers fun-filled cruises on the Arkansas Queen. Check out boat rides on the Arkansas Queen.


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Live. From ultra-modern to restored classics and everything in between, Argenta offers residents an endless variety of living options. Traditional homes, contemporary condos, riverfront apartments and more! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in Argenta. Explore Argenta's residential offerings.


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Culture. Main Street Argenta is filled with cultural hotspots that make the area a go-to place for fun and entertainment. Check out Argenta attractions.


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Play. Concerts. Plays. Ballgames. Restaurants. Shopping. Art Galleries. Museums. Libraries. These are just a few of the countless options Argenta provides to keep you entertained. And it’s all a short walk, bike ride or trolley stop away – no matter where you are in the city.  Click here to browse Argenta's attractions.

Clean. Green. Safe.

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Clean. Green. Safe. At the heart of every healthy, vibrant city you’ll find a thriving downtown. Welcome to the historic Argenta District, the crown jewel of North Little Rock’s revitalized downtown. Thanks to its central location and close proximity to the ongoing excitement, Argenta provides a front-row seat for all the action. Learn more about Argenta.

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