Argenta Downtown Council Board of Directors

Harry Hamlin – ChairmanMitchell Williams Law Firm

Holly Fish – Vice ChairEGP, PLLC, Director of Client Services

Chris Kent – Secretary 

Kyle Pitts- TreasurerIfrah Financial Services    

Joseph Brajcki, Artist, Designer

Phyllis Britton, Arkansas Times          

Gary Clements, Clements & Associates/Architecture, Inc.   

John Crow, 107 Liquor Owner

Josh Davenport, Davenport Contracting

Sarah Fritschie-Central Wine Distributors

John Gaudin, Argenta Wealth Management   

J. Fletcher Hanson, Newmark Grubb Arkansas   

Bob Hardin, Hardin and Grace, P.A.  

Charlie Hart, resident   

Ashley Hight, EVP, NLR Chamber of Commerce

Russ Melton, Diamond Bear Brewing  Co.

Greg Nabholz, Newmark Grubb Arkansas

Alan New- Taggart Architects

Christen Pitts- NLRHS

Thomas R. Pownall, P.E., Thomas Engineering Company

Dr. Kathleen Rea, Regeneation Fitness

Louise Terzia 

Summer Toyne, NLR CVB


Ex Officio Members

Mayor Joe Smith   Sandra Taylor Smith    Maurice Taylor
Todd Larson     Barry Hyde     Bob Major    Marybeth Bowman

Argenta, the historic heart of downtown North Little Rock, is a vibrant and desirable community, valued as a Regional destination and recognized as a dynamic and progressive City Center.

The Argenta Downtown Council, founded in 2007 by local business and property owners, is committed to providing an environment for economic development to occur and to support the local business in the Argenta Arts District. The organization is recognized as a leader, advocate and resource in assuring that downtown is a safe, clean, green and vital place.

ADC Programs

Safe: The Public Safety Ambassador Program assists in creating a secure, well-managed and welcoming environment to everyone who visits Argenta.

Clean: The Clean Team Ambassador program helps provide a clean, well managed and welcoming environment to property owners, residents, guests and visitors of Argenta.

Green: The Green Team Ambassador program is responsible for improving the landscaping and annual color in the downtown area. 140 flower pots, 40 hanging baskets and 35 colorful beds are seasonally planted along Argentas unique streetscape.

Sustainable: The Argenta Downtown Council and its members support sustainability through the Argenta Farmers Market. The ADC contributes facilities and funding to promote and grow the healthy local foods market, a new concept in Central Arkansas.

The ADC served as ambassador to the Argenta District Master Plan adopted by the City of North Little Rock. The ADC worked with all the stakeholders and property owners to make a plan which is not only beautiful but also can realistically be developed. The plan includes retail and office with a strong emphasis on increasing residents and filling in empty spaces.

In the last five years there has been over 200 million dollars in new or announced private and public investment, events have increased 200%, restaurant taxes increased 36% and hotel taxes 58%.

In Dec 2009, the NLR Advertising and Promotion Commission recognized the ADC for their efforts and dedication in developing North Little Rock’s Tourism Industry. In 2011 the ADC was awarded the Arkansas Parks & Tourism Henry Awards – Bootstrap Award.

In 2009 over 70% of property owners within a designated district voted to establish a Central Business Improvement District and to assess themselves to support the Argenta Downtown Council programs of Clean, Green and Safe. Click here to view the Central Business Improvement District.


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