New Development in Argenta Arts District

Developers in North Little Rock says the Argenta community gives off a small town family feel, which draws more and more people to the area. They plan to build four homes right next to the City Grove Townhouses, but that’s only the beginning.  They have big plans for this small neighborhood.

Farmer’s market, shoppers, flowers; just a few of things you’ll see in Argenta.  Donna Hardcastle says, “People come down and they fall in love with the neighborhood and they are like where can I live down here and the problem is, we don’t really have any places yet.”   But that’s a problem, Hardcastle says will soon be solved. “We’re bringing in additional residential properties we’ve got some new houses that are coming, apartment complexes, office buildings coming on.”

John Gaudin is a developer and bringing in four new homes on Maple street in North Little Rock. “We are extending our City Grove project with we are just now offering single family homes in the townhouse project.” Gaudin says the new homes aren’t the only developments coming to this community.  He plans on adding a three story building in the parking lot at 406 Main Street; he hopes to fill it with offices, restaurants and even a health club.

With shops, restaurants, theatres and even a library all in walking distance; Gaudin says the area is growing and when it comes to new developments, you can definitely expect to see more. “The demographics in the country are that a lot of creative people like to live in walk-able neighborhoods and we are fortunate to have Argenta as the bones of a great neighborhood to live in.”

Gaudin also says they just received a $1.2 million dollar grant to work on Bishop Lindsey Avenue which is the main road off I -30 and another $550,000 grant to do some clean ups, that way the community can grow and more developments can move in. To see more on this story, go to

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