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Clean. Green. Safe.

In many ways Argenta is one of the Little Rock region’s model neighborhoods. With its mix of housing and businesses, its walkable, human-scaled streets, and a desire to thoughtfully grow, Argenta offers both a glimpse of the region’s historic urbanism and a way of community building that can address today’s urban challenges.

Argenta serves as one the leaders in a pioneering movement called New Urbanisim, which focuses on creating vibrant, walkable, mixed-use communities that raise the standard of living and quality of life while alleviating strain on the environment caused by suburban sprawl.

The Argenta Master Plan introduces an integrated, connected city design that possesses all the necessary components of a complete community. Housing, shops, work places, schools, grocery stores, parks, entertainment and more are all within walking distance from any point in the community.

Argenta embodies healthy, eco-friendly living by increasing density, which reconnects vital links in a community. A more closely knit community encourages individuals to depend less on finite fuels and instead utilize greener transportation like trollies, cycling or walking. The higher foot-traffic that results creates increased sustainability for local businesses and attractions while helping individuals reduce their carbon footprint.

Above all, Argenta seeks to grow thoughtfully, preserving the architectural integrity of downtown Argenta while introducing new cohesive elements like the public trolley system that align with the overall guiding mission – to be clean, green and safe.

Argenta Master Plan
A community-based vision for guiding growth and change in downtown North Little Rock by building on Argenta’s strengths, addressing its weaknesses, and maximizing its potential.


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